Jagjit Singh was madly in love with Chitra, went to her husband and said – ‘I want to marry your wife’

Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh

A music maestro was born on February 8, 1941 who made a great mark in the Indian music industry. This genius is none other than Jagjit Singh. He was born in Ganganagar, Rajasthan. Like every other parent, Singh’s parents too wanted him to study hard and become an officer. But fate had something else decided for him and with his great passion in music, he made a glorifying career in the industry.

As we remember him on his birth anniversary today, we must take a look at his unique love story. Singh fell for a married woman and wad head over heels for her. Unable to keep his love for her hidden, Singh once walked up to Chitra Singh’s husband and asked for her hand. Chitra was married to Debu Prasad Dutta.

Singh and Chitra’s chemistry worked like magic and there was no looking back for the much-in-love couple. They decided on forever in 1969 and it was the latter’s second marriage. 

The couple embraced parenthood with a son, Vivek. But their happy little world came crashing down when Vivek passed away in a car accident on July 27, 1990. This loss shattered the couple to the core, so much so, that Chitra withdrew herself into a shell and the couple gave up their music for a year. However later, Singh immersed himself and buried his sorrows in music, Chitra found solace in spirituality and stopped singing after the loss of her son.

They barely came in terms with the loss of their son, Vivek, when their lives got struck with another tragedy. Chitra’s daughter from her first marriage, Monica committed suicide on May 29, 2009. Despite the tough setbacks, the couple lived a close-knitted and loved life.

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