BJP readies three lakh ‘prishtha pramukhs’ to meet people ahead of Assam polls

The BJP has readied a team of 3.2 lakh ‘prishtha pramukhs’ to connect with every family ahead of the upcoming elections in the 126-member Assam Assembly.
Each prishtha pramukh is in charge of a page of the electoral rolls. His or her brief is to meet every person on the voters’ list on an assigned page.

“The 3.20 lakh party workers are being trained on how to go about their job, meet people to know about their aspirations as well as areas where our party has not been up to the mark,” a BJP spokesperson said on February 4.

The prishtha pramukhs are scheduled to begin their subject work from February 10, three days after their coaching throughout the state ends. The poll-oriented programme has been named Poriyal Samparka Abhiyan, that means the mission to attach with households.

The prishtha pramukhs are also expected to gauge the people’s moods and provide feedback to the party leaders toward selecting the candidates and tailoring the election campaign.

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